April 22 12:00 PM

Wine & Mac N' Cheese Pairing

Saturday, April 22, 2023

2 day advanced booking is required.

Price: $21.25 - $25.00 Duration: 5 hrs Group Size: 1 - 0 Guests

Wine is meant to be paired with cheese, am I right? We're transforming a childhood classic into a four-course gourmet pairing with our Wine & Mac N' Cheese Pairing on April 22nd!

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Would you like to experience wine and cheese in a whole new way? Are you ready to take a classic homemade meal to an entirely new level? If so, our Wine & Mac N' Cheese Pairing on Saturday, April 22nd, will be an extra cheesy experience that you won't want to miss!

With hourly time slots available from 12-4 PM, you will have many unique opportunities to indulge in this self guided pairing of gourmet mac & cheese and a healthy tasting of Bogati wine. Each wine has been perfectly paired with each of the following mac & cheese choices.

~Cherrywood Smoked Salmon w/ Shiraz Cream Cheese Sauce
~Balsamic Glazed Pan Seared Lardon and Arugula w/ Pinot Noir Havarti Sauce
~Sauvignon Poached Cremini Mushrooms and Sun Dried Cherry Tomatoes w/ EVO-Ghee Parm Sauce
~Fire Mini-Sweet Bells & Broccoli Florets w/ Creamy Goat's Cheese-n-Paprika Sauce

Tickets are $25 per guest and $21.25 for our Black Label Club Members (plus a small service meal for meal tax). Grab your pairing today!

All tickets will be received via confirmation email. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon purchase of tickets. To gain access to the event, present this confirmation email to the hostess. If you are prompted to fill out a “shipping address,” and you live out of state or get a notice that says we cannot “ship” to your address, please fill out the wineries address in the SHIPPING ADDRESS section. 

Bogati Bodega & Winery: 35246 Harry Byrd Hwy, #190, Round Hill, VA 20141